How Many Parks?

There are 175 state parks in Florida.  Over the years, we’ve visited and camped in a lot of them, but never kept track of which ones we’ve been to.  This year, we got the Real Florida Passport so we can get a stamp for every park we visit.  The goal is to visit as many as we possibly can this year and share our experiences here on the blog.  I’m already a little behind in sharing this year because I didn’t get my passport until yesterday, so I wasn’t keeping track.  From here on out, you’ll be hearing about our adventures.  Some parks probably won’t get getting as much time and exploration as they deserve.  I think it’ll be a good overview though!

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Big Year 2019

In the spring of  2018, my love of birds reached a whole new level when I started keeping a life list.  As of today, January 17, 2019, I have 116 birds.  I know that’s not a lot compared to many birders, but I think it’s a pretty cool start considering it hasn’t even been a year yet.  I’ve decided to start a year list for 2019 to see how many I can get just this year.  So far this year, I’m up to 61.

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