Bok Tower Gardens

Located in central Florida, smack in the middle of cow and orange grove country, you’ll find the peaceful and beautiful gardens known as Bok Tower Gardens.  The gardens were founded in the late 20’s by Edward Bok.  He meant for the gardens to be a place of peace and reflection, and they really are just that.  There are acres of beautiful paths that lead to quiet little oases of serenity.  If you need to take a deep breath and just be for an afternoon, this is the place to go.  Check out their website here for more info:

Here are some random photos from the day.  Next time I’ll get more wide angle shots of the paths and vistas.  Believe it or not, this place is situated on an actual hill.  In Florida.  I know, crazy, right? 🙂  There’s a 12,900 square foot Mediterranean style mansion, called Pinewood Estate on site as well.  It’s a unique and awesome home full of Latin charm.  There really wasn’t a whole lot in bloom, other than like a million Japanese Camellias.  The last few shots are not from Bok Tower, but from the lake down the road.  I just had to stop for the beautiful sunset.

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