How Many Parks?

There are 175 state parks in Florida.  Over the years, we’ve visited and camped in a lot of them, but never kept track of which ones we’ve been to.  This year, we got the Real Florida Passport so we can get a stamp for every park we visit.  The goal is to visit as many as we possibly can this year and share our experiences here on the blog.  I’m already a little behind in sharing this year because I didn’t get my passport until yesterday, so I wasn’t keeping track.  From here on out, you’ll be hearing about our adventures.  Some parks probably won’t get getting as much time and exploration as they deserve.  I think it’ll be a good overview though!

I believe it’s super important to instill a love of nature in our kids at an early age.  When kids don’t get to experience and appreciate the outdoors, they have less of an understanding of why it’s important for us to be good stewards of our planet.  Seeing first hand how amazing Mother Nature is inspires kids to want to protect and conserve all of the places that make Florida wonderful.  That’s why I’ve chosen this year to get this girl of mine out hiking more trails, and camping more sites.

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