The following courses are intended to give the student the confidence he or she needs to be able to make capturing images a matter of skill rather than luck.  Lessons focus on wildlife and nature photography, but all are beneficial for every type of photography including sports and portraits.  A digital SLR camera is required for all lessons.  Tripods are encouraged, but not required.

Single Lesson – The Basics of Photography – $125 per person

This two hour course will go over the basic concepts of photography, such as composition, aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.  This hands-on class will provide the student a good launching point for taking control of his or her camera, to learn how to take quality images consistently.  The class will be held at a local park to allow for opportunities to practice what is being taught in real time.


Multi-week Courses

These courses will provide in-depth knowledge and plenty of practice to tackle your toughest photographic challenges.  Courses are taught at various local parks to provide opportunities to practice using what is being taught.  Each week, a new concept will be presented and assignments will be given.  The assignments will consist of practicing the skills taught, and will be due the following week.  Note that photography is a complex art, and one could dedicate many years to studying and mastering it.  These courses are intended as a springboard.  Completion of the courses will enable the student to shoot confidently.  All students are welcome to join our photo club, Optical D’Illusions, at no additional cost.  This club offers daily photo challenges that help the student continue to learn and master the art of photography.  It also enables them the opportunity to use the photographic knowledge they’re receiving to participate in photo competitions through the Florida Camera Club Council.

Three Week Course – $225 per person

Six Week Course – $450 per person

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.  I look forward to hearing from you!