Who is RH Photo Adventures?

I’m Robin Hagan, the human behind RH Photo Adventures.  I’m a Florida Master Naturalist and have been a professional photographer since 2006.  Every week, I spend at least a day or three out on a trail somewhere in Florida.  I’m usually in Southwest Florida, but I like to venture out all over the state as often as I can.  While I’m out and about, I always have my camera with me.  I feel very fortunate to be able to spend so much time doing what I love, being in nature and taking pictures.  This site is a place for me to share what I find with you, and tell you about cool places to visit in Florida.

There are so many of us on this planet these days, it’s becoming harder and harder to keep our natural spaces clean and healthy.  I believe the key to getting people involved in conservation is helping them develop a love for nature.  There are so many amazing things to love about nature!  So this site was created to share the way I see Florida.  Hopefully it will encourage more people to get out there and explore, and trigger a curiosity that just might be contagious.


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