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Myakka State Park – Deep Hole

Deep Hole is a 141 foot deep sinkhole located just northwest of the upper Myakka Lake portion of the Myakka River. It’s easy to see the outline of Deep Hole during the dry season when the land around it is above water. During the wet season, it blends in with the Myakka River as the entire area is under water.

This is a protected area with visitors limited to just thirty per day. To visit, you need to be in line when the park opens at 8am. You’ll need to secure a permit to gain access and receive directions to the area.

When I visited, it was a hot day so the alligators weren’t as plentiful as they would be on a cool, sunny day. There were still well over fifty of them lining the shore, but sometimes there are many more than that.

Alligators at Deep Hole

Deep Hole is a little over two miles from the trailhead, which is located off SR 72 a bit north of the main gate to the park.

The walk is not particularly shady. In other words, you’re going to be very hot! The trail runs through sugar sand, so it’s a bit challenging. It is a beautiful hike through dry prairie with little islands of hardwood hammock.

If you’re hoping to see a ton of alligators, the best time to visit Deep Hole is the winter. In the summer months, you’re bound to be chasing thunderstorms. You will, however, see a lot of beautiful wildflowers along the way and still a very respectable number of alligators once you arrive.

If you get a chance to visit, I’d love to see your photos. Tag me in your instagram posts with #RHPhotoAdventures. As always, happy adventuring!

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