Private Guided Hikes

These hikes are an excellent way to have a more personalized learning experience on the trails in Florida. Bring your out of town guests out to learn about the awesome nature we enjoy here. With a private guided hike, the only people on your hike will be you and the people you invite. A smaller group allows us to cater the hike to your needs and interests. We offer hikes at all Florida State Parks and many local county and city parks.

  • Florida Master Naturalist guided hike
  • Priceless knowledge of Florida’s flora and fauna
  • Fun memories!
Roseate Spoonbill

Participants must be able to walk for 1-3 miles. Please let me know if you need accommodations and I’ll do my best to provide the very best possible location for you to have a good experience.

Hikes take 1-3 hours depending on the location and the level of interest you have. Meaning, if you ask a lot of questions, I’m happy to spend time answering them. This may prolong your hike up to three hours, but that’s perfectly fine with me if it’s fine with you! The minimum amount of time you’ll have on a hike is one hour. Times are flexible based on availability and I only offer one hike per day to accommodate my guests without anybody feeling rushed. If you only have one hour due to a limited schedule, we can accommodate that too!

Climbing Aster

These hikes will have you slow down and look closely to see what’s in bloom. Florida is home to an abundant variety of wildflowers that bloom all year long. Some are bold and large, and others are tiny and often overlooked. If you’d like to make this a photography focused tour, this outing is perfect for macro photography. On all tours, we look for and listen for birds. If you prefer to see a lot of wading birds, we’ll find a location that will ensure that’s what you’ll see. That’s one of the best things about a private hike, we go where you want to go. Whatever your favorite type of ecosystem is, we’ll find the perfect park for you.

Kayak tours are available, but you must provide and transport your own kayak. Please contact me for information about this option.

Pricing Information

Some parks have an admission fee separate from my cost. I’ll inform you of any entry fees, along with directions and parking information when you sign up for your hike.

Hikes are designed for 1-10 people, and you and those you bring with you will be the only people on your hike. These excursions are personalized to your interests. Children 12 and under are free, but they do count toward your maximum number of ten people unless they are babies under one year of age.

1-10 people for 1-3 hours – $99.99

I accept all major credit cards. Payment is due in full to reserve your tour date and time.

Ready to book your tour? Fill out the form below choose your date and time, then head over to the payment page to secure your spot. Plan details will be finalized via email.

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